No grapes, no nuts and absolutely no added sugar. That's the grape-nuts way. πŸ‡

Never make the same mistake twice. Buy grape-nuts in bulk. πŸ‘

If you can't commit to one kind of cereal are you really ready for any commitment? πŸ€”

Save on the washing up. grape-nuts straight from the box for breakfast, lunch and dinner. #cleaneating

We all know an absolute animal who pours the milk in before the cereal. 😳

When your Mum buys Nutty Nuggets instead of grape-nuts. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

If your eating cereal for dinner today, make sure it's grape-nuts. That healthy choice demonstrates maturity. #TuesdayThoughts

Who has a special bowl that they use for their cereal every morning? #handsoffthebowl πŸ™…

Chef mode on. πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Send us your #thegrapeselfie photo for a chance to WIN a Β£500 Apple Voucher. T&C's -

Grape-Nuts Quinoa Salad | Post Consumer Brands

No great story started with someone eating a salad. Oh, except for the one where they ate our grape-nuts Quinoa Salad…

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#thegrapeselfie Frankie enjoying overnight grapenuts made with natural yogurt and frozen homepicked balckberries. When they defrost they make their own delicious syrup. An absolute winner in my house and so handy to take to work in a jar.

Anyone else saving a box of grape-nuts for a grainy day? β˜”

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Getting to enjoy your grape-nuts in peace now the kids are #backtoschool πŸ‘

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Hurry down to Sainsbury's to grab your grape-nuts on promotion!

There's cheers in the office as it's our favourite time of day! β°πŸ™Œ #breakfasttime

Can you master #thegrapeselfie? Follow and send a pic of your grape-nuts breakfast for a chance to WIN a Β£500 Apple Voucher. πŸ™Œ T&C's -

we had some wonderful entries to our competition #thegrapeselfie for a chance to win

grape-nuts with yogurt or milk? We'll take a bowl of each, please. 😌

a great entry from Tia's Mum! #thegrapeselfie for your chance to win

What's for breakfast? If it's not grape-nuts we're going back to sleep. 😴

This morning requires a large bowl of grape-nuts accompanied by an even larger coffee. πŸ‘β˜•

Who’s having grape-nuts in bed today? 😴 #bankholidaymonday

Back from the beach but now we've got sand in our box of grape-nuts πŸ˜”. #stilltasty

It's bank holiday Fri-yay! You'll find us at the beach creating sandcastles out of grape-nuts. πŸ–πŸ˜†

If Edmund Hillary took grape-nuts with him when he trekked to the summit of Mount Everest, think of all the great things you can do after your bowl today! πŸ’ͺ

In the garden eating grape-nuts and making daisy chains. ✌ #summervibes

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send us your grape-nuts breakfast to win! #thegrapeselfie T&C's apply.

A bowl filled with power-packed nutrition ready to get you motivated to slay the week. πŸ’ #Monslay

It's true, there is absolutely no grapes or nuts in our cereal. Oh and no added sugar (We're sweet enough). πŸ™Œ

....because you're sweet enough

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Because you're sweet enough!

Spoonable Raspberry Freeze with Grape-nuts.

Need some time to chill this weekend? 😎 grape-nuts raspberry freeze will keep you cool.

In Good Flavor

A proper summer use of Grape-Nuts 😍🀀

Check out our radical new pack design!

send us your grape-nuts breakfast at #thegrapeselfie & follow us for a chance to win win Β£500 Apple voucher. T&C's apply

Looking for a delicious breakfast that packs a crunch? We're stepping up to the bowl. 😌

Win a Β£500 Apple Store card!
Simply share a selfie of you with a box of grape-nuts using #thegrapeselfie (the more interesting, the better!).
Competition ends 08/09/2017
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When taken daily with milk, these nutritious grains are sure to get you through the working week. πŸ‘Œ

Friday is our second favourite word… after grape-nuts of course. #FridayFeeling

From today, we are extending the hours of breakfast time from 6am until all day, everyday. πŸ™Œ

Crunchy wheat and malted barley bites, rockin' and rollin' straight into your breakfast bowl. #rockandbowl 🀘

Be a box of grape-nuts in a world full of Bran Flakes.

Of course we have an office timer to count down the hours until breakfast…

Cool and Creamy Banana Grape-nuts Recipe

We've gone bananas for this cool and creamy grape-nuts fruity treat. 😍🍌🍌🍌

Sun, sea and grape-nuts. Sounds like the perfect summer to us.πŸ‘Œ

If you haven't tried grape-nuts, have you even really lived? πŸ˜•

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A large bowl of grape-nuts… the only cure for Monday mornings. #MondayMotivation

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Live. Laugh. Eat grape-nuts. πŸ₯„

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